Espresso Time

Time to sit back and relax. Time to hide behind the dancing vapour from my demitasse and watch a harried world run its course. I choose not to run, at this moment. I choose to sit and sip and let others run the race without me for a while.

Let’s see where we end up, shall we?


5 thoughts on “Espresso Time

  1. annemargueritebennett says:


  2. mdmccloskey says:

    Ahhhh! I can almost taste that espresso.Sounds like you’re settling in well, D.

  3. jazzyjan8 says:

    Hey Daniela – can’t wait to see where this takes you. The singers missed you the other night. Keep letting go and trusting! xxoo

  4. cococivi says:

    Yummmmmm….. 🙂

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